How to choose the right partner for marriage? Compatibility factors of people in a pair If you want to build strong and sincere relationships with the Ukrainian lady, there is our gift for you: - special exclusive report `5 things forbidden to do in relationships with Ukrainian lady` Welcome to the channel of a professional marriage agency – Prime matchmaking company. In this video Elena Vygnanyuk, CEO of Prime, will tell you about compatibility in the couple. There are various theories of compatibility. In this video we will discuss scientific approach to this question. We will consider such factors as physical, psychological compatibility, life priorities and other. After reviewing these factors, it will be easier to understand how to find your soulmate. Of course, we talk about international dating, anyway these are different cultures, but if we talk about marriage between men from America, France or Canada and our Ukrainian girls, we don`t have so much cultural difference. And remember that there is no nothing perfect in our life and 100% compatibility to find in relationships probably it`s not even possible, but it`s important that in the in the most crucial areas of life, you have enough compatibility with your life partner. We hope that this information will help you in choosing the right partner. Don’t forget to subscribe our channel and leave comments under this video! You can contact us through the website

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